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Any device, any problem, anytime, anywhere. We help customers with all their technical issues.

About Our Company

Push Beyond Technology

Our Mission & Vission

As time changes, technology also changes and customers face new problems and technical issues with devices. We at Synapse Tech, are a squad of technical experts, that offers you the best-in-class technical support services related to any electronic device. If you are facing problems with computers, printers, your system getting slow, not working properly, or any other peripheral devices, simply calls us. Synapse Tech is always there for you. Our tech support team is trained to resolve your issues and make your device back to normal position.





Why Choose US

For Over 10+ Years In Tech Industry

  • Resolve issues with Windows, Android, and Apple devices.
  • Install and connect wireless printers.
  • Speed up a slow computer or laptop (PCs and Macs).
  • Update, install, or uninstall software).
  • Install and enable security software.
  • Configure pre-existing file backup and sharing.
  • Migrate data from one laptop to another.
  • Setup & troubleshoot WiFi, network, and router issues.
  • Connect and configure WiFi-enabled devices.
  • Remove viruses, malware, and spyware.
  • Provide static IP support
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Award Winning Tech Consultant

Synapsetech Tech Can Help With

Synaptics is one of the big Technical Support industries. Our agents are experts in using modern tools to solve all types of technical issues and give you wonderful customer service. we also provide support for well-known brands like Dell, HP, Canon Asus, Microsoft, and many others. We’ve served numerous customers and resolved their problems with different kinds of devices and machines to improve their personal and professional lives.