How to Join a PS4 Party on your PC? (Windows 10 / macOS)

How to Join a PS4 Party on your PC? (Windows 10 / macOS)

Have you ever got the PS4 Party Chat invitation but you were not able to join the invite. Don’t worry if you wish to Join the PS4 Party chat, you first have to download the App of PS4 Remote Play on the desktop. 

If we keep consoles aside then you can start to play by connecting your controller with the PC. But you have been thinking about how to play PS4 without the help of any nearby console. 

Don’t worry we have explained the step wise guide to Connect the PS4 Party Chat with your computer.  Let’s begin . 

What is PS4 party chat?

PS4 Party Chat is the feature which allows gamers to have a direct voice chat with their friends in the game instead of using the chat system in game.  In each of the parties you will have a chance to interact with 16 of your friends. 

The feature of the party chart came into the scene when the 8.00 update of the console. This feature helps you to level up the gaming and have a great experience, cooperation and communication with your gaming friends.

Download the PS4 Remote Play Party Chat. 

What is remote play?

The remote play is one the the unique and best  feature of PS4 and PS5 users. This will allow you to play the game from whichever device you are wanting. You can also browse the console’s menu with the help of remote play. 

Sometimes the remote play user might face issue when they try to login into the Minecraft game by using the Microsoft account. But this error is easily fixable and is common for the Xbox, Nintendo and playstation. 

The devices who all are compatible with the PS4 remote play are –  

  • For the android users with the android version of 7 or above
  • For the iPhone users who are having iOS 12.13 or above
  • For the PC (Windows 10 and mac 10.13 or later)

Steps you need to follow that will enable you to download the Remote Play-

  • In the first step go to the PlayStation Remote Play.
  • Next step is to click and select the logo of Windows 10. As it will help you to be on a page from where you can install and download the application PlayStation Remote Play with your Windows. 
  • Lastly, Open this application on the pc and then try to use it.

Hopefully, now you can join the party chat with your friends on the pc without the trouble.

How to Join PS4 Party Chat on PC?

When you try to join the party chart on your pc it may seem a little difficult but with the following stepwise methods you can do this easily. Let’s start 

  • In the first step just go to the official website of Play starting remote play and from there download the MacOS or Windows application on the desktop of the PC you are using. 
  • After that click on the option install and then wait till the time it get installed. Now open the application. 
  • Check whether your pc WiFi connection   and the PS4 console are the same. 
  • Before you use the voice chat on your pc just be sure that your PS4 console should be in sleep mode.
  • Next link both of your pc and PS4 controller with the help of Bluetooth or the USB cable.
  • The one who are using the ps5 just go to another connection and select the option ps5. 
  • Based on your registration either with the PS4 or with PS5 the console name will get displayed on your screen. This means that  the connection is now sync. 
  • When you complete all these steps then both of your ps and pc console will get sync and now you can play your game. 
  • You will find an icon of Microsoft which is at the bottom of your screen , just click on that to have a voice chat.
  • Next go to the controller, select the option play station and then from the quick menu option click party.
  • Then from the controller just select the option play station and then click party from the quick menu. 
  • After that click the start party option and select the friends from the list.

Hopefully we are done with the process and this process is applicable both for the MacOS and Windows users.


We hope that by following the above steps you are able to join the Playstation party chat on your pc. The steps may seem lengthy to you but once you start following the steps you won’t hang on anywhere. Still you face any hurdles in following the above steps let us know in the connect section. 



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