How to Use a Laptop as a Monitor for your PS4 (Utilizing Video Capture Card or HDMI)

How to Use a Laptop as a Monitor for your PS4 (Utilizing Video Capture Card or HDMI)

If you are a gaming fan and you are loving the power and the features which PS4 gaming console is providing such as the so many titles to choose when you are playing action games, high-resolution gameplay, game with the strategies etc. 

If you like to play games on the screen and don’t have a specific screen at home because someone is always watching TV on that screen or doing anything. 

We have a solution for this, now you can play your PS4 on the laptop as a monitor screen as well. Playing on the laptop as a monitor screen will give you independence and you don’t have to wait for the Home TV Screen. 

In this article we will explain to you how to use your monitor or laptop for the PS4. 

Use Laptop As A Monitor for the Sony PS4 Console

If you want to use the laptop as a monitor for the Sony PS4, it includes a little confusing process and is not easy at all. The relief here is that this process is achievable if the laptop is compatible with the input of video for playing such games as it is not compatible with most laptops. That’s why your laptop should be comfortable with your video input to play the PS4. 

It is important to be consistent with the video input so that you can enjoy Playstation games by making the computer reachable to use it as the monitor for the PS4. This is because your connection of HDMI is just one directional and it doesn’t support the duplex link because the ports of HDMI on your laptop and with your PS4 are the output links which means that you can not connect with two and will get the output in the laptop screen. 

Basically, we have 2 ways to acquire and follow the connection which makes the laptop screen enables ad monitors for the games like PS4. 

The 2 ways are- 

Capture Cars 


Laptop As a Monitor for the PS4 Using Capture Card

For using the capture card method there is a requirement of the laptop, wifi connection or the ethernet (see for best cables), a device for video Acquisition,fast and good internet connection and an HDMI cable.

Follow the below steps to use your laptop as a monitor by using the capture card.

  1. In the first step to access your internet connection you have to go to the PS4 setting tabs menu and from there change the option file sharing to find the network settings. 
  2. When the connection is done and it’s being streaming between your two items then you have to by using the USB port just attach the card of video capture with the laptop. 
  3. Now connect the PS4 console with the video card by using the connection of s-video which is there on the local retail store. Also be sure that you are connecting HDMI-out with the PS4 while your HDMI-in with the video card. 
  4. Next turn on the PS4 and start the software. Also auto track your console so that it can display on the laptop screen. 

Now you can hopefully enjoy the gaming. 

How to Use a Laptop as a Monitor for PS4 With HDMI

Your PS4 console will have a Sony remote play, which works as the tool for using and playing the PS4 games on the laptop. This tool makes a connection of your remote with the so that you can enjoy the games firmly. 

For using this method there is a requirement of the PS4 gaming console, UBS cable or the wireless USB adaptor of Dualshock-4, the account of PlayStation platform, the laptop and a high and good speed of internet connection.

Follow the below steps to use the laptop or the monitor with the HDMI-

  1. In the first step you have to download the new version of remote play from the website of Sony. This remote play app has to be accessible with the Mac laptops and with the Windows operating system. 
  2. When the installation part is done, just switch on the settings of the PS4 console and allow the connection of remote play. When you activate or leave the PS4 on the resting mode, this will let the network of high speed from the console. 
  3. If your console is not set as rest mode by any kind of default then you should set that to the mode of rest by the power saving setting. 
  4. In the next step by using the USB cable you have to connect your gaming controller by the laptop and for that toggle the enable turning on to run the PS4 gaming console through the network.   
  5. Then turn on the Laptop’s remote application then locate the setting of your remote play in your application. 
  6. Now you can connect your laptop and controller through a wireless USB adapter after that push that for the moment. Then in the application of remote play you will see a start button , select that button after that software will take you to the login screen of Playstation. On that screen your remote play app will choose the PS4 by itself. 

Hopefully now you can use the PS4 on the laptop monitor. 


So, we have two ways to use the laptop as the monitor for your PS4 i.e Video capture cards and the HDMi. 

The HDMI method will require the laptop to download a remote play app and to have the HDMI input which is the rare one. Whereas using the video capture card will need you to have the connection of the console and the pc. 



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