Brother Printer Default Password

Brother Printer
Brother Printer Default Password

A Simple User Guide for the Brother printer

In recent years, printing equipment have become an essential component of our business area. We all desire high-quality, fast printing with the fewest mistakes possible.

That is why use of brother printers is growing every year. These printers are beautiful in design and consume less ink while being highly efficient. If the user encounters problems accessing their brother printer’s default password, go through the following steps to resolve it.

One may get a clear answer to their question. Continue reading below .

Brother Printer default password

  1. Select the Start button on your printing machine and go to All Programs.
  2. Select Brother, MFC-XXXX LAN or MFC-XXXX, and Remote Setup.
  3. If you’re using a network to connect your printer, enter your password.
  4. Now it’s time to pick a new one.
  5. The default password for most brother printer models is “access.”
  6. You can also use Web-Based Management or BR Admin Light to modify this password.

1. USER:

User Name – user

Password – access


User Name – admin

Password – access

On most Brother devices, this is the username and password that you use to sign in.

7 Steps To Change the Password of Brother Printer

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. In the address bar, type “http://machine’s IP address.” (For example – http://123.456.7.8).
  3. Enter the default login password in the Log-in field: initpass.
  4. Click the “Administrator” tab if you don’t see it there.
  5. If you can’t find it, look for the “Login Password” option instead.
  6. Type the new password in the Type New Password field and confirm it by retyping it again.
  7. Select Submit.

Brother Printer WiFi Password

These printers, though, require brother printer wifi passwords when connected to a wireless network. However, a reset is required. If you’re using a wifi network, we recommend that you reset your wifi password. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to change your wifi password.

Brother Printer WiFi Password:

  1. Do you know the password and network name for your wireless network?
  2. If not, look on the back of your modem.
  3. Open the Control Panel menu and choose Settings or Spanner & Screwdriver.
  4. Select All settings also.
  5. Scroll down to Network and hit OK. Now scroll down to Network reset and hit OK again.
  6. Select 1 to agree Yes, confirm the restart by selecting 1 once more No need to do anything.
  7. Your brother printer will restart after the reboot.
  8. The printer will request that you set up Wi-Fi after the restart is finished.
  9. Three times, press OK. Then start the Installation Wizard by pressing Ok three times again.
  10. You’ll have to choose your Wi-Fi Network at this point.
  11. If you’re prompted to use WPS, say no.
  12. Enter your Wi-Fi password carefully and correctly afterward.
  13. Press Ok, followed by 1 to confirm your changes Now you’ll see the Connection Okay report, which verifies that the password has been reset successfully.

How to Reset Brother Printer to its defaut

The quickest method to reset your printing machine is through this part. The Control Panel area can be used by a brother printer user to reset his or her device. Check whether your printer is network-ready for printing if you want to reset it. If you don’t succeed, you’ll have problems printing papers. However, resetting the printer via the Control Panel is the quickest option available. Here are the steps for restoring the brother printer:

9 Steps on How do I Reset Brother Printer

  1. Remove all of the printer’s connections, except for the power cable.
  2. Now you must access the Control Panel window by using these steps.
  3. Press Menu or Menu/Set then.
  4. Choose LAN or Network from the drop-down menu.
  5. Move up or down to choose Set or OK.
  6. Then, after that, you should pick one of the Factory Reset or Network Reset options.
  7. Click the Reset button to reset it.
  8. Select Yes from the drop-down menu once you’ve finished selecting options.
  9. Your printer will restart shortly after reconnecting all of your disconnected connections

Would you want to learn more about the brother printer reset? Make a phone call to one of the support engineers associated with the manufacturing company. Simply call the official helpline number and inquire how to Restart your brother printer. Apart from providing a variety of printing machines, this business also plays an important role in providing excellent customer service for printing machine users.



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