How to Clear Canon MX922 Support Code b200

Error Code B200 Canon Printer
How to Clear Canon MX922 Support Code b200

Sometimes when you try to print a document from your printer and suddenly you may have faced the error code b200 on the canon printer. This is not like any other basic error but is feared and gives you the warning that your printer’s condition is not good. 

When this problem occurs it is recommended to replace your printer but as we all know that these printers are expensive to buy, so first you should give it a try to fix the problem by following the given steps. It will give your printer a little bonus time to work smoothly.

How to Clear Canon MX922 Support Code b200?

To Clear the Canon MX922 Support code b200, we need to 1st understand the causes by which it can happen and then different methods to clear this error.

Let’s start with understanding the causes of this B200 error code in Canon

What Causes the Canon MX922 Support Code B200 Issue?

There are many causes for this error Canon MX922 Support Code b200, some of them are – dried up cartilage, replica ink cartridge, faulty cartridge, overheating, etc. So let’s read about all the causes and the solution. Any causes for this error Canon MX922 Support Code b200, some of them are – dried up cartilage, replica ink cartridge, faulty cartridge, overheating, etc. So let’s read about all the causes and the solution.

Cause 1 – If your cartridge is dried up 

If you haven’t used your printer for many years, then the cartridge holes get dried up. That’s why the error canon b200 may occur. Your canon mx922 used two kinds of cartridges 2 and the 4+ and they both get dry if they have a long time gap. 

Cause 2 – Replica the ink cartridge

If you have bought any canon mx922 which has no genuine printer cartridges and is of low quality then you might face the error canon Pixma b200. That’s why it is suggested that you should use fresh, original, and new canon ink so that you can avoid the error. 

Cause 3 – Jamming of the cartridge

If in the past there were any paper jams that happened on your canon mx922 printer, then it increases the possibility that your ink cartridge will get jammed from the printer grip. That’s why you should remove the jammed carriage before you start printing. Otherwise, you will still get a b200 support code on the canon mx922 printer.

Cause 4 – Overheating

Sometimes when you are printing so many pages at a time and for a longer period then canon printer b200 error flashes on your screen. This can be the reason behind your print head getting overheated because of the extra workload and losing the connection with the cartridges. Try not to print too many pages at the same time.

Cause 5 – Waste tank is filled

Another reason could be the waste tank. As it helps in storing the ink which is wasted during the process of cleaning and if this tank is full then there might be chances of canon mx922 issue b200. To avoid this it is recommended to clean the tank on time.

Now as we have understood the causes let’s find out how to fix them

5 Steps to Fix Canon B200 Error Code?

To fix the Canon B200 Error code Below are the ways you need to follow to fix the issue and let your printer work properly.

Step 1 – Restart your printer

This solution may not work many times but still, we have noticed that there can be a chance of it working in a few scenarios. In this, you simply have to turn off your printer and then wait for a minimum of 2hours and let it cool. After this restart your printer and check if this canon b200 error goes away.

Step 2 – Reinstall the cartridges

Also, try to reinstall all of the cartridges. What you need to do is to remove the old cartridge and place the new cartridge or you can also reinstall the cartridge so that you can rebuild the connection with your printer.

Step 3 – Reinstall and install the printer head

In this you just have to take off your printer head, then gently clean its gold contacts which are on the backside. Also, remember once you remove the printhead you should put that under the hot water and flush out the ink before you put that back in. Once its clean and you are reinstalling it check if the ribbon cable connector is firmly plugged in.

Step 4 – Reload the drivers

One of the reasons for your canon b200 error can be because of the corrupted drivers. In this case, you need to reinstall your printer’s drivers once again and then check if this solves your issue or not.
We hope that one of the above methods will work for you and help you to solve this error and if the error still exists you can then you should change your device.

Step 5 – Changing the device

If this error still exists or keeps on occurring then you have to change out the device. In this case, you should invest some amount of money in buying the new device. After that have a fresh start. Surely now your new device has good performance and better quality. 

This is how your Canon MX922 Support Code B200 will be Fixed

Canon printers have a very known name in the market as they provide good quality prints. Most of the errors are resolvable but if you’re opting for cleaning up the printhead then you need to be extra careful or you might end up destroying it.



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