How to Connect Canon Printer to iPhone

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How to Connect Canon Printer to iPhone

Here’s How to Connect Your iPhone to a Canon Printer

Canon is a multinational corporation that specializes in the development of optical and imaging devices. Users are now interested in Canon printers due to their high-quality output. Due to compatibility, as well as best outcomes, users select Canons. When you print a document on an iPhone with a Canon printer, use the information below to help you out.

Step By Step Process to Connect Canon Printer to Iphone

From an AirPrint-certified device, you can print.

This article explains how to use AirPrint for wireless printing from an iPad, iPod, or iPhone when linked to the Canon printer. Without installing the drivers, a user may print email, web pages, papers, and photographs from an Apple device directly via a Canon printer using AirPrint.

Check Environment

The first thing to do is inspect the user’s environment.

AirPrint Operation Environment: The user will also need any of the following devices with the most up-to-date iOS version in order to use AirPrint:

  1. iPad (all models)
  2. iPod (3rd generation or later)
  3. iPhone (3GS or later)

Network Environment: The device must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as any of the Apple devices and the Canon printer.

Printing with AirPrint

To link a Canon printer to an iPhone, the user must first verify the connection and then proceed.

  1. Check that the Canon printer is switched on and linked to the network.
  2. To access menu options, use the Apple app on an iPhone.
  3. Tap the operation symbol in the menus to reveal additional choices.
  4. To continue, select Print from the menu options. nSelect your printer’s model from the Printer options page that appears.

There are some important points to bear in mind.

  1. It’s possible that Printer options aren’t shown because some applications don’t support the feature. If a user doesn’t have access to printer settings, the print task will not work.
  2. The printer options differ depending on the Canon printer and app. When Print is tapped and a model name is selected, there are frequently listed options on the screen:

Printer: Select the type of wireless network for which you wish to use the router.

Copies: Select the number of copies to be produced.

Duplex Printing: Enable or disable duplex printing by selecting ON or OFF if the printer design is compatible.

Range: The app and file types can be used with a specific page range.

  1. To set the total number of copies required, click + or –.
  2. To enable and disable Duplex Printing, click On and Off respectively.
  3. To print a file with several pages, choose Range from the drop-down menu. Select the range of pages or select All pages from the options available.
  4. Finally, press the Print button to finish printing.

When the printing is completed, the printer carries out the settings that have been defined and specified.

Paper Size

  1. The paper size is automatically determined according to the Apple device and the country in which it is used while using Airprint.
  2. While utilizing Apple’s photo program, the standard paper size is L in Japan and 4″x6″ or KG elsewhere.
  3. The default paper size in the US is letter size, A4 in Japan and Europe, while it’s KG in China.
  4. When a document from Safari on an iPad is printed, the US typically uses letter size (A4), but Japan uses A3 and Europe uses B5.

Status of the print

Check the following elements when a user asks how to connect a Canon printer to an iPhone:

  1. When printing, the user will see the Print option in the most recently used applications list, allowing him or her to check on the printing process.
  2. Tap twice on the home button to get a list of all previously used apps for your Apple device. The print symbol may be found at the bottom of the Home screen.

Removing a Print Job

You can use any of the following techniques to remove a print job using AirPrint:

From the Machine: Cancel a print job using the operation panel if there is an LCD monitor on the Canon printer, otherwise use the Stop button.

From an Apple Device: Hold down the home button on your Apple device for 2 seconds. Then, to see a list of current print jobs, tap the print icon. Choose to cancel one of them and then touch Cancel Print

AirPrint Troubleshooting

Check the following procedures if the document does not print:

  • Check to see if the machine’s power is On. If it is, turn it off and back on again. Verify that everything is OK.
  • Check to see whether the printer is connected to the same network as on your iOS device.
  • Check for any running printing jobs.
  • If the Canon printer has an LCD screen, look for no error message on it.

If the issue persists, printer drivers might be used to execute printing jobs.

To learn more about how to connect a Canon printer to your iPhone, contact the Canon support team. The users will be given all of the needed information by the executives in the support team.

Phone or email services may be used to contact the support staff. Around-the-clock support is accessible through support services. The official website of Canon has an easy-to-find contact information section.



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