How To Find WPS Pin on HP Printer

How To Find WPS Pin on HP Printer

What Is A WPS Pin and How To Find It?

A WPS pin is basically a code that helps to connect your HP printer to your computer in order to make your printing easy. The connection established is a wireless one and is generated only through this unique code which is a WPS pin. This unique code generally consists of 8 digits that are generated on the printer screen and then entered on your computer screen to simply build a connection between the two.

It is a modern way that enables you to print any documents even if you are at the other corner of the office. The technology offers a high-security network of connections among devices. However, the WPS pin only works if your printer has a screen on it.

If there is no screen display on your printer there is yet another way to build a wireless connection between your printer and computer which is done via the WPS push button. Both the ways are discussed as you read along. 

5 Steps to Find WPS Pin On HP Printer?

The WPS pin is generated on the screen of the printers. The pin is displayed on the printer screen once you go through the entire pin generating process that is discussed further.

But as discussed above, the printers that do not have a screen do not require the pin generating process. In printers with no screen or display, the process involving the WPS push button is used. Both processes are equally reliable and secure and depend on the type of printer you have.

So, To Find WPS Pin Follow the Below 5 Steps

  1. To Find WPS Pin You need to go to the control panel screen of your printer.
  2. Select settings in which you will find a wireless button option.
  3. Choose “ wifi protected setup” on that.
  4. Follow the instructions that might appear on your screen.
  5. This will help you generate a WPS pin on your HP printer screen.

What Are The Major Ways to Connect with WPS Pin on HP Printers?

There are two major and simple ways in which WPS connections can be made between your printer and computer. This wireless connection is essential as it enables you to print smoothly from anywhere around the office. These processes are based on if your printer has a screen on top or not. The two processes are: 

  1. WPS Pin 
  2. WPS Push Button

Both ways are secure and help to build a strong wireless connection. One needs to follow either of the processes thoroughly in order to connect. The detailed process is discussed further.

Connect With WPS Pin

This is the simplest yet common process. This can only be done if your printer has a screen on it. Follow the given steps to generate a WPS pin on your printer screen to establish a wireless connection between your printer and computer:

  • Restart or turn on your printer.
  • In the second step click on settings and enter the control panel of the printer.
  • Now, find the wireless button on your printer and clock in it after which you will see an LED light blinking. The blinking is a good sign, after this in the control panel find the option “ WiFi Protected Setup” and click on it. Instructions will appear on your printer screen.
  • Now, clock on the WPS pin.
  • At the end of the entire process, a pin code will be generated that will appear on your printer screen which is an 8 digit WPS pin. This pin is generated to connect your printer to the computer.
  • At last, enter the generated WPS pin in your computer, and hence your computer is successfully connected to your printer.

Connect With WPS Push Button

If your printer is not an upgraded version then it might not have a screen. In such a case no access can be made to its control panel thereby unable to generate a WPS Pin. However, a connection can be established via a WPS Push Button which is also not a difficult task. Follow the below steps to et it right:

  • Turn on your printer or restart it.
  • Try to keep your computer closer to your printer to avoid any consequences.
  • Now, find a wireless button on your printer and press it.
  • After making a long press on the wireless button you will observe a blinking LED light which is a positive indication that the printer is about to remotely connect.
  • Now, do the same thing on your wireless router by long-pressing the wireless button on it and wait until the LED light starts to blink.
  • At the end of the entire process, you will observe that lights on both the devices are blinking and once they stop blinking, you have successfully generated a WPS connection between them and can start printing.


Two major ways can help in order to establish a wireless connection between your printer and computer. Both the ways are discussed above in detail and vary from printer to printer. If your printer consists of a screen on top then the process of generating a  WPS pin will help, otherwise, if there is no screen on the printer you must follow the steps of the process via the WPS push button. Both the processes are equally secure and last long until the connection is turned off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find WPS pin on the HP printer?

  • Go to the Control Panel of the Printer.
  • Go to Settings & find a wireless button option.
  • You will see the “ wifi protected setup” option.
  • Click on it & Follow the instructions that you see on the screen.
  • This will help you generate a WPS pin on your HP printer screen.

Is WPS technology better than WPA?

Yes, as compared to the WPA, WPS is more reliable and secure.

How many digits are there in a WPS pin?

A WPS pin mostly has an 8 digit code.

What is the use of a WPS button?

A WPS button helps you to wirelessly connect your printer to your computer thereby making the process of printing smooth and easy for you from any corner of the room or office. 



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