Hp DeskJet 2622 setup

Hp DeskJet 2622 setup
  • To set up Hp DeskJet 2622, there are various methods. The best way is to hp DeskJet 2622 setup wirelessly that is through a Wi-Fi connection. To establish wireless setup for hp DeskJet 2622, first, check if the router connection is present and then get the name and password of the Wi-Fi connection that is the router. Then install the software of the printer on your computer in order to connect the printer to the router.

In this blog, we will provide you with the simplest steps for Hp DeskJet 2622 Setup. First, we will give you brief steps followed by a detailed explanation for Hp DeskJet 2622 setup. We being your best virtual technical guides, bring out the best solutions for you. Follow the steps given below for Hp DeskJet 2622 setup.

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Brief Steps for Hp DeskJet 2622 Setup-  

  • Turn ON your Hp DeskJet 2622 printer as well as your computer.
  • Make the broadband internet connection access on the router.
  • Switch ON the network router and make a wireless connection.
  • Connect the computer to the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Then remove the USB cable from the printer and the computer.
  • Download Hp easy start from the original site of the manufacturer.
  • Then choose the name of your printer and then choose wireless connection.
  • Then install the printer driver.

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Detailed Explanation of Hp DeskJet 2622 setup-

  • If your Hp DeskJet 2622 is unable to connect to the to the wireless network, then check if the Wi-Fi is enabled and if it has high-speed connectivity. If the printer is not connected to the wireless network, then reset the network settings of the printer and bring your printer to the setup mode. After doing the re-set process, connect the printer to Wi-Fi.
  • To set up Hp DeskJet 2622, Switch ON the router and set up the internet connection. Hp always recommends a broadband connection for high-speed internet to update and download drivers. After setting up the connection, maintain a network name and a password for security.
  • In order to reset the network settings press the wireless and cancel button 5 times. To enable the WPS mode click the wireless icon for few seconds. A timer will start. Press the WPS router panel to pair the printer with the router.
  • Connect the computer to the Wi-Fi network and download Hp Easy Start from the official Hp website.
  • Open the Hp Easy start software, agree to the terms and conditions and accept the user agreement.
  • The software will automatically start searching for printers connected to the same network. The software will prompt you to choose a printer click on Hp DeskJet 2622 printer. In case your printer is not shown then click on printer not shown.
  • Wait until your printer is connected to the same network as your computer. After the connection has been made, Hp easy start will look for printer drivers to support your device. Agree with the terms and conditions while the driver is being installed.
  • The installer will ask you to choose a connection method and then choose the Wireless option. If the software asks you to connect to the USB cord then connect the printer and the computer with the cord and complete the Hp DeskJet 2622 setup.

We hope that these steps would clear up how to do Hp DeskJet 2622 setup. In case you face any problem then call the customer representative of Hp or use the chat support option on the website.



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