Hp DeskJet 2652 wireless setup

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Hp DeskJet 2652 wireless setup

The exact meaning of hp DeskJet 2652 wireless setup is to connect hp DeskJet 2652 to Wi-Fi. Hp DeskJet series offers amazing printers which can perform many functions at the same time, like printing, scanning, copying, etc. Moreover these days the printers are so convenient that perform wireless printing with a Wi-Fi connection. By connecting printers to the same network, they can perform wireless printing.

In this blog, we have brought the solution for hp DeskJet 2652 wireless setup or more precisely for how to connect hp DeskJet 2652 to Wi-Fi. In this article, you will understand the procedure completely. All you need is an active internet connection. There are various methods to connect the hp DeskJet printer to a Wi-Fi connection. Read the instructions in the blog-

Quick & Brief steps for hp DeskJet 2652 wireless setup-

  1. Switch ON the hp DeskJet 2652 printer.
  2. With the help of the controls on your control panel, connect with your Wi-Fi connection (wireless network).
  3. In the control panel menu, right-click and go to the setup option.
  4. In the setup menu, click network and choose Wi-Fi Protected setup wizard to check for the Wi-Fi connection in range.
  5. Pick the Wi-Fi connection network name (SSID) from the list available.
  6. Enter the WPA/WEP code or phrase and click done.
  7. Click OK, so that the settings change and you can proceed further.
  8. Tap the OK option to print the wireless report and to check if the connection is successful.

Detailed process Hp DeskJet 2652 wireless setup-

Follow the detailed instructions below for hp DeskJet 2652 wireless setup. You can choose one of the connections which your printer supports.

Hp Auto Wireless Connect method-

This method lets you connect the printer to other devices like PC or laptops in the same network wirelessly that is by entering a network authentication. Firstly install the software of your printer from the official site of the hp printer and complete the setup process by following the directions. Then a prompt will appear to choose the network connection type, then select, “Yes send printer settings to the printer”, after doing this process, the hp auto connect will further carry on the further procedure.

Hp wireless setup wizard-

This is another method to set up hp DeskJet 2652 wirelessly. Go to the control panel and run the wireless setup wizard. This method is applicable if your printer has a touch screen panel. You should know the network name and the password. Click on the wireless icon that is available on the menu. Identify your Wi-Fi network in the displayed list, or type it out. Then enter the password of the network. By this, the printer will establish a successful Wi-Fi connection. If any problem arises then troubleshoot again.

WPS Push Button-

If the above two methods do not work then implement the WPS button method. WPS means Wi-Fi protected setup. It can be done by two methods. One by the WPS button method (by pushing it) which is present on the router and the printer both. In the other one, you have to press the WPS button on your printer, and after 120 seconds press the WPS button of your Wi-Fi router. This will connect the printer to the Wi-Fi and a wireless connection would be made.

The above-given steps would explain to you the process of hp DeskJet 2652 wireless setup.



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