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Sometimes the hp envy 4500 performs functions like printing and copying well but some problems do arise in the scanning feature of the printer. This problem is generally familiar and can be fixed with some easy steps. When the users of hp envy 4500 series printers try to scan the computer, it prompts ‘scan to the computer is currently unavailable.

The problem is not in the hp Envy 4500 printer, it is the problem of the computer services and the drivers. On clicking the scan option the screen shows, ‘hp Envy 4500 scan to computer is unavailable’, which means the services of the computer, have been pervasive or corrupted. This prevents the printer’s communication with the computer services. The setup of windows should be installed on your computer so that no problem occurs.

The possible problems are as follows-

·        When an error occurs in the communication with the scanning device.

·        When an error occurs while communicating with the HP printing device.

·        When the Computer is not found.

·        When No Computer Detected.

·        When the Scan to computer option is currently unavailable.

·        When the scanner is no longer activated.

·        When the Scan Unsuccessful.

·        When the scanner is not found.

·        When the scanner is unreachable.

·        When the scanner could not be initialized.

In this blog, we are going to answer the frequently asked question, ‘How to enable hp 4500 scan to computer?’ We will explain to you in simple technical steps to enable the scanning feature if it is not working. Being your best virtual technical guides, we try to bring the best solutions for you. Follow the steps given below-

 Steps to enable hp envy 4500 scans to computer-

The technological steps to enable the hp envy 4500 scans to the computer are as follows-

Step one- Switch ON the printer

Press the power button of the hp Envy 4500 printer and hold it or if the printer is already ON then restart it.

Step two- Go to the settings in the computer-

Click the settings button and go to devices, then click the printers and scanners option.

Step three- Find the hp Envy 4500 printers icon

In the printers & scanners option find the icon for HP Envy 4500, if you cannot find the icon, install the latest driver of the printer on the computer.

Step four- Open the hp Envy 4500 printers icon-

On clicking the icon of the printer assistance will open up on the computer screen.

Step five- Go to the scan option-

Click the scan button and then select the scan to computer option. Now click on enable option to enable the scan to computer option. Repeat the steps if the scan is not enabled.


After completing all these steps, if your hp envy 4500 printer is not able to scan then get your computer services fixed. You can also try the resetting of network power. To refresh the network connection- Remove the power cable and the wire of the printer. Switch OFF the computer. After a few minutes, when the network router is completely switched ON, plug in the printer and let the wireless button light turn ON. Once both the network router and printer are ON, turn ON the computer. This step will refresh the network connection.   Otherwise, contact the customer services of the hp printer support.

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